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Shelly Varod is a certified sex therapist registered with the Israel Society for Sexual Therapy (ITAM/ISST), the European Federation of Sexology (EFS), and the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM) as a Psycho-sexologist (ECPS). With a focus on sexual dysfunctions, relational issues, and post-traumatic sexual difficulties, Shelly provides sex therapy to individuals and couples at her private clinic in Tel Aviv and is part of the clinic of Reut Rehabilitation Hospital.

​Shelly's expertise and media presence have made her a recognizable figure in the field. She has made regular appearances on health and news shows in Israel, including I24 NEWS. Shelly's notable accomplishments include hosting and developing the groundbreaking TV format on couples' sex therapy titled "Sex Tape" in collaboration with Armoza Format, as featured in The Hollywood Reporter. Moreover, her sex and relationship video blogs and columns on the news website Ynet have gained significant recognition.

In addition to her extensive contributions, Shelly is the host of a podcast for the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) and has her own podcast titled "Varod." These platforms provide valuable insights and discussions on topics related to sexual medicine and relationships.

Overall, Shelly Varod's passion, expertise, and contributions in the field of sex therapy have established her as a leading authority, benefiting individuals and couples seeking guidance in their sexual and relational well-being.


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